WSA Championship Rules

Part A.       organization

Section A.1          General

(I)   Objective

1)        The object of the WSA Tour Championship Rules is to establish a framework for competition windsurfing.
2)        That framework shall include, but not limited to, the regulation of the disciplines competed in, the structure of racing/competition, the equipment rules and regulations, the minimum requirements for running an event, safety at events, and, rider points and ranking administration.


1)        The official language of the class is English and in case of dispute over translation the English text shall prevail.
2)        The word shall is mandatory and the word may is permissive.
3)        The Tour refers to the WSA National Tour.
4)        The Rules refers to the WSA National Tour Championship Rules described in this document.
5)        The Rules are open; where it does not specifically say that you shall not then you may.



Windsurfing South Africa


International Sailing Federation


South African Sailing


SAS Provincial Colours Criteria


Racing Rules of Sailing


Notice of Race


Sailing Instructions


1)        The WSA National Tour, the classes/disciplines or riders that compete on the Tour, shall be governed by the Rules outlined in this document.
2)        Where relevant, WSA may co-operate with SAS and their affiliates in matters concerning these Rules.

(V)  Responsibility of Governing Authorities

1)        WSA, SAS, its affiliates or representatives accept no liability or legal responsibility in respect of these Rules.

(VI) Responsibility of Competitors

1)        It is the sole responsibility of each competitor to decide whether or not to start or to continue to race and to provide for his/her safety.

(VII)           Safety

1)        Dangerous sailing will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
2)        When in a position to do so, a rider must make every effort to assist a fellow rider in danger.

(VIII)          WSA and SAS

1)        SA national and provincial champions, the associated SA national rankings, and, SAS Colours, shall be determined from WSA Tour events only.
2)        SAS Colours shall only be awarded to riders who are SAS members and have met the SASProCC.

(IX) wsa tour events shall be run according to the following criteria

1)        Each region is entitled to host one round of the Tour.
2)        The host region may select a venue outside of their region.
3)        Each round may include any combination of the recognised disciplines.
4)        It is the responsibility of each region’s representative to nominate, motivate and organise a round of the Tour in a manner that produces the best conditions for competition and growth in the sport.

(X)  Tour calendar period

1)        The Tour calendar period will run from 1 May – 30 April.

Section A.2          Administration

(I)   ADMINISTRATION OF THE rules, regions and disciplines

1)        It is the responsibility of each region to elect a representative to co-administer the rules by which the Tour is governed by.

(II)  Establishing a region

1)        Any region or sub-region may form a new region in which a round of the Tour may be hosted.
2)        The new region’s representative shall propose and motivate for the additional region, to the existing regional representatives.
3)        The regional representatives shall vote on the establishment of the new region on the bases that it will be in the best interests of the sport.

(III) voting and amendments to the rules

1)        All amendments to the rules shall be made by a unanimous vote by the regional representatives on behalf of the riders of that region.
2)        Voting may be conducted by any means, on any medium, provided sufficient and transparent record keeping of the process is made.

Section A.3          regional classification

(I)   the country will be divided into four regions with the following designations

1)        Inland Provinces (GP)
2)        Kwa-Zulu/Natal (KZN)
3)        Eastern Cape (EC)
4)        Western Cape (WC)

Section A.4          Disciplines

(I)   the following discplines ARE recognised on the Tour

1)        WAVE
2)        SPEED
3)        SLALOM
4)        SUPERCROSS
5)        FORMULA
6)        FREESTYLE

Section A.5          Divisions

The following divisions shall be recognised on the Tour.

(I)   Leagues

1)        Pro-League (Master)
2)        Open-league (Blaster)

(II)  Gender

1)        Men
2)        Women

(III) age

1)        Youth: under 19 years on 31 December in the current season
2)        Senior: 19 – 44 years
3)        Masters: 45+ years on 1 January in the current season

Part B.       Eligibility

For a rider or equipment to be eligible for competition on the Tour, it shall comply with the rules in Part B.

(I)   Rider eligibility

1)        Any rider is eligible to compete in the Open-League on the Tour.
2)        A rider wishing to compete in the Pro-League shall be a member of WSA before the start of his/her first Tour event.


1)        Any equipment is eligible to be used on the Tour provided it meets the requirements and limitations of Part D.

(III) SAIL numbers

1)        All riders wishing to compete in either League of the Tour shall register a sail number with WSA.

Part C.       Conduct of events

Section C.1          general

(I)   Event duration

1)        Events shall run for a minimum of two competition days.
2)        Events shall not exceed nine competition days.

(II)  suitable conditions

1)        The decision on the suitability of the conditions shall be made by the Race Director.

(III) Disciplines

1)        Any of the recognised Tour disciplines may be run at an event.
2)        The SPEED discipline shall primarily be run independently from the Tour events in the form of the WSA GPS Speed League.

Section C.2          Notice of race

(I)   Purpose of the NOR

1)        The NOR is a notice to riders about an upcoming event that will form part of the WSA National Tour.
2)        The NOR shall be published no less than 60 days prior to the first day of the event.

(II)  the nOR shall contain the following information

1)        Title, location, schedule and dates of competition
2)        That the event is sanctioned by WSA and governed by the WSA National Tour Championship Rules
3)        Any changes or additions to the rules that may apply during the event
4)        Average anticipated weather conditions at the venue
5)        Tourist, travel and accommodation info
6)        Scheduled disciplines
7)        Conditions of entry
8)        Fees payable
9)        Place, time and conditions of registration
10)    Location of the Official Notice Board
11)    Any special circumstances in which the SI, or changes to the SI, will be published/issued

Section C.3          Sailing instructions

(I)   Purpose of the SI

1)        The SI shall define all information relevant to the conduct of the event described in the accompanying NOR.
2)        The SI may supplement the rules that govern the event.
3)        Alteration of a rule may be made by specific reference to it.
4)        The SI shall be posted on the Official Notice Board at the event.

(II)  Contents of the SI

1)        That the event shall be governed by the WSA National Tour Championship Rules, the NOR and the SI
2)        The schedule of races/elimination heats
3)        The maximum number of races/elimination heats
4)        A description of the start/finish system
5)        A description of the start/finish line
6)        A description of the competition area and any hazards that may be found
7)        The location of the Official Notice Board
8)        Any special safety information
9)        Any social functions that shall/may be attended by the riders
10)    The names of the race officials

(III) Changes to the SI

1)        Any change to the SI shall be posted before 09h00 on the day it will take effect.
2)        Any change to the schedule of races shall be posted by 20h00 on the day before it will take effect.
3)        Any change to the competition venue shall be posted by 20h00 on the day before it will take effect and be communicated directly to each competitor.

Section C.4          Start and end of race/heat

(I)   slalom

1)        The start procedure shall use SYSTEM 2 or SYSTEM 3 identified in Appendix B3.3 of the RRS.

(II)  wave

1)        Heats shall be conducted according to Appendix B4.2 of the RRS.

(III) speed

1)        The SPEED event shall start and end with the calendar year according to the criteria laid out by the WSA GPS Speed League.
2)        Should a SPEED heat be conducted at an individual event, heats will be conducted according to Appendix B6.2 of the RRS.

Section C.5          scoring at an event

All scoring of races/eliminations will be made according to the RRS, with the following exceptions.

(I)   scoring system

1)        Scoring at an event will be made using the Alternate Points Scoring System:


Finishing place






Each place there after

Add 1 point

2)        Riders who tie in a WAVE or SLALOM elimination will be given a score equal to the average of the position scores covered by the tied riders.

For example, if four riders tie for 5th in a WAVE elimination, the four riders will each earn 6.5 points as identified below:


Points earned




Rider 1



Rider 2



Rider 3



Rider 4


(5+6+7+8)/4 = 6.5

Rider 5, 6, 7, 8












Rider 9

3)        The rider with the lowest points, in a given discipline, at the end of the event, shall be that discipline’s event Champion.
4)        No scoring will be made for SPEED at an individual event – scoring will only be made with respect to the overall GPS Speed League Rankings using the Rankings Points System identified in Section C.6.

(II)  race/elimination discards

1)        One in every four races/eliminations shall be discarded.
2)        The races/elimination with the worst score shall be discarded.


(III) ties

1)        In the case of two or more riders with the same points, the tie shall be broken according to RRS Appendix A8.

Section C.6          tour scoring

To determine the relevant Discipline National Champion, each event on the Tour will be scored as follows.

(I)   Ranking points system

1)        The final rider positions for each discipline, from each event, shall be scored as follows:

































2)        Points shall not be awarded to positions after 15th place.
3)        The rider with the highest ranking points, in a given discipline, at the end of the Tour season, shall be that discipline’s WSA National Tour Champion.

(II)  event discards

1)        One in every four events shall be discarded.
2)        The event with the lowest ranking score shall be discarded.

(III) ties

1)        In the case of two or more riders with the same ranking points, the tie shall be broken according to RRS Appendix A8.

Section C.7          Overall Tour Champion

(I)   the overall WSA National Tour Champion will be determined as follows

1)        The ranking points from a rider’s top three disciplines shall be added to give their overall tour ranking score.
2)        The rider with the highest overall ranking points at the end of the Tour season shall be the Overall WSA National Tour Champion.

Section C.8          SA SAILING COLOURS


1)        SA Sailing Provincial Colours shall be awarded in accordance with criteria described in the SASProCC.


An event, rider and equipment shall comply with the Rules in Part D in a given calendar year.

Section D.1          tour requirements and limitations

(I)   Validity of event/round

1)        A minimum of 10 entries are required for an event to be considered valid.
2)        A minimum of four fleet races, or, one completed elimination is required for the event to be considered valid.

(II)  windsurfing conditions

1)        The wind minimum for SLALOM racing shall be 12 knots over the course area.
2)        The WAVE competition must be held in surf and riders must be capable of sailing beyond the breaking waves.
3)        The Race Director shall ultimately decide if the conditions are suitable for windsurfing.


1)        Advertising shall only be displayed in accordance with Category C of the ISAF Advertising Code.

Section D.2          equipment requirements and limitations

(I)   GENERAL limitations

1)        During a single WSA Tour season, not more than 2 boards and 4 sails shall be used in each of the recognised disciplines.
2)        Every rider’s equipment shall be inspected and registered prior to the start of the rider’s first event.
3)        Only 1 board, 1 sail and 1 fin shall be used during a race/heat.

(II)  board identification

1)        The board shall carry a permanent unique serial number applied by the manufacturer.
2)        The serial number shall be used to identify the board at registration.
3)        A board without a serial number shall be “marked” by the Official Equipment Inspector at the first event the board appears in.

(III) SAIL identification

1)        Sail size and manufacturer shall be recorded at registration.
2)        The national letters and sail numbers shall comply with RRS-Appendix G.
3)        The sail letters and numbers shall be of a contrasting colour to the body of the sail.

(IV) SUBSTITUTION during an event

1)        The Jury, Race Director or other appointed Official may only permit substitution of irreparably damaged equipment on a 'like for like' basis.
2)        Other equipment is interchangeable provided it complies with the Rules.

(V)  substitution during the tour

1)        Equipment may be substituted on one occasion only during a WSA Tour calendar year.
2)        Substitution shall be on a ‘like for like’ basis as determined by an Official Equipment Inspector.
3)        The substituted equipment will be required to be re-registered.


1)        Normal damage repairs are permitted.
2)        A damaged fin box may only be replaced by the same 'type' of box, and be positioned the same as the original.

(VII)           PERSONAL EQUIPMENT limitations

1)        Clothing and equipment for the purposes of increasing the weight of the competitor is prohibited.

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