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WSA Sterkfontein 22 to 24 September 2013 Roundup. .

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A very big thank you to Ralph Cromarty and Reuben Venter for hosting an excellent event. Sixteen entry's made up of 6 WP , 7 KZN and 3 inland sailors. We started at the "sailing point" with a 4 minute countdown and rolling start.
Ralph and Reuben setp up a 1.5 km figure 8 course. Reuben hired a fold up rubber duck with a turbo 5 HP engine which laid our course and rescued me when I broke my boom.
Jordy and Lesley were our race officers and they did a fantastic job? Jordy who is from the UK had an awesome experience and kindly edited the below video for us.
Some of the sailors camped at the sailing point yet most of us lodged at the Windmill Lodge and Little Switzerland Hotel.

Death and Rebirth of an X9.
My beloved old x9 simply cracked in half breaking in front and as I was hooked in, it twisted and broke clean off at the back as well. Made up some carbon tubes, perma bonded them inside the existing tubes and then smothered the break with many layers of carbon.
Found this awesome factory that produces foam and one of their products makes a perfect boom grip. 2mm SVA from Sondor Foams Got a roll for R100 which is enough to cover 10 booms. Anyhow all looks good yet we are yet to see if it holds together in a 25 Knot South Easter.



21-24 Sep 2013

It is Green for Go - with over 20 sailors already confirmed

The  WSA Sterkfontein Slalom Championship is a battle to crown the Sterkies Slalom champ and the Super Slalom team of 2013. All individual points will contribute towards your team’s success.
Slalom disciplines and Team events which will include relay, handicap and drinking races.
Please  RSVP Urgently if you wish to to take part in the Sterkfontein Super Slalom Challenge. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Teams will be made up in accordance to your appearance, accent, intelligence or current address.
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MAC (Milnertoin aquatic Club)

Wow, adjusting to a 81cm wide board has taken some time. Gybing felt more like doing the splits than turning the corner. Anyhow a few hundred attempts and swearwords and I seem to be getting it sort of right. looking forward to this years WSA slalom season with a big floater under my feet as I couldn't stand another season of Pete passing me on a Gybe mark. 

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