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Competitors who register for the "WSA Slalom 31" class will race simultaneously with Slalom 42 competitors, yet will be scored in accordance to their selected class. This allows competitors with less equipment to compete with those in an equal situation. Slalom 31 and 42 sailors will race simultaneously, resulting in a winner for each class. The overall 2013/14 winner of the Slalom 42 class will be considered National champion.

The  WSA KZN slalom Championship is a battle to crown the KZN Super Slalom team of 2013. All individual points will contribute towards your team’s success. Slalom disciplines and Team events which will include relay, handicap and drinking races.
Roaming Venue : Midmar dam, Richards Bay, Vetch's Pier.

Great news in announcing the confirmed dates of the Indian Ocean Championship - the Tri-Nations of windsurfing between Mauritius, Australia and South Africa. Some of you may remember I went last year for the first trial run of the concept… it was a huge amount of fun, and with the event confirmed for 3 - 11 August; it's both a short week for us with the public holiday and a fantastic time to get out of the cold. As the 2013 national champion in racing, the organisers of the event are sponsoring Mitch Wagstaff's airfare and accommodation, so he can face off against the Mauritian and Australian national champs

Who can fly the highest? Send a pic or video to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or upload to our facebook page. The highest jump will win this years WSA mystery prize.
All entrants must live in SA and all pics/videos must be taken in SA 2013.  Judging will be by public vote.

Well  Done Alberto!
From everyone in Cape Town, well done Alberto Menegatti . You thoroughly deserve your recent PWA success in Korea. Your annual visits to Cape Town and your many hours of training and testing at MAC have been a part of your success. You are an Italian yet we are claiming your success as a win for Cape Town

Pending = These nominations will officially be appointed within 14 days of today 12/3/2013. Should you have any alternative representatives or objections please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Confirmed = Announced with no contest thus confirmed.

  1. Durban 20-24 Sep 2013
  2. PE 29 Nov-1 Dec 2013
  3. Langebaan 24-26 Jan 2014

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should there be issues regarding the above dates.

1. Age? --- I’m 20 turning 21 on September the 12
2. Weight?--- I weigh 82kg
3. Height? --- I’m approximately 1.75m
4. Sail No? --- The loud and proud SA1111
5. Favourite Board size/brand? --- Well I would have to say the new 2013 starboard 107 Isonic
6. Favourite Sail size/brand? --- I would have to say my favourite sail size would have to be my 7,8 Neilpryde evo racing 4
7. Favourite discipline? --- At the moment my favourite discipline is slalom

1a)       I always check what the wind is doing, Whether its picking up, staying the same or dropping.  This always gives you a good indication what to rig. I also like to give my equipment a quick test before the start of the race in case I need to do some fine tuning.

b)      Most start sequences are 4 mins. The best is to run 1min away from the mark into the course then run 1 min back to that start mark then a further 1 min away from the start mark away from the course and finally run 1 min flat out to the start mark.

c)       Positioning: I always like to run upwind(boat end) best clean wind straight down to the first mark.

d)      Fastest route to the gybe would often depend who is around you and what your positioning is like heading towards the first mark.

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